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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  January 21, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> we're coming back at 6:00 to look at how the president strategy with republican members of congress, fear working with him could cause members to face primary challenges from within their own rank autos thank you, see you at 6:00. >> after watching from capitol hill to the white house, the family sat together to take in the parade. they watched as floats passed by. then off to a night of galas in washington. mr. and mr. plrb pls obama expected in the commander in chief ball. and performances by alicia keys, then, on to the public ball. coming up at 6:00 on abc 7 news, we'll take a look at the role social media played that is far more prominent
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evidented by the tweet from church. >> today's ceremony came on the first day our nation pauses to celebrate dr. martin luther king junior. dr. king dreamed one day, every man and woman would be treated as equals. he visited a statue of king and also took his oath with one hand on the bible owned by dr. king and at the request, designing the bible. >> the city held a martin luther king junior celebration today and the legacy was bolstered by the inauguration. >> the parade is about more than music. for the family, it's a lesson
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in diversity. >> we're a community of multipeople people and histories. all to be respected and honored. >> this celebration is believed to be the oldest event in the east bay. >> 200 people filled the auditorium. and honored words of the civil rights pioneer. visible on faces, pride and sacrifices fade more freedom. less williams is one of the living heroes this group thank forward that. >> some youth i think are
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asking why do we keep sell brailting the past? >> there are two images of dr. king. but young people often see him as just that, a symbol. parents are hoping to change that. it was impossible to miss the connection of dr. king and inauguration of the president to a second term. >> it's a flund continuation for us as a people. >> this is the second time an inauguration has fallen on king's day. a bit of history one generation hopes is not lost on the next. >> another celebration of the legacy began in san jose once again, today, people boarded what is called the freedom train and they were able to join others, parents say it's
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a chance for younger again raigs to understand what dr. king was all about. >> this is very special to be here today. i want mid grandkids to have an opportunity to see what this is all about. >> the train made stops before arriving in san francisco where those on board marched to a rally. >>' deadly shooting killed a man sfran fran man and left his cousin wounded. police say the man hop opened fire on naples street and the crocker amazon neighborhood. his cousin, a 34-year-old was shot by -- shot several times but is expected to survive. witnesses told police the shooter was on foot and took off running from the scene. >> the governor attended services for an officer killed
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in the line of duty. a burglar suspect shot the officer last week. hundreds of officers from across the state attended the service. a fellow officer says it's important to show signs of solidarity. >> is a tragic he skprent great to see everybody here. for a wonderful person. >> turns out he had nothing to do with the burglars. police don't know why he opened fire. >> today was the second gun buy back program. the turnout less than last tuesday. last week first buy back day more than -- more people showed up and spent more than $43,000 to hand out money to give guns back on stree.s people said they just don't
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want the guns around. >> we have enough violence in our society. we need to take responsibility to try to get guns off the street. >> kids can kind them. >> that was the only incentive to turn guns in today nork cash was offered. the county has to raise another 67,000ses today cover vouchers for guns turned in last week. and there is a gun buy back event in the event center. gun owners expected to get $100 per handgun, shotgun and rifle. and $200 for assault weapon autos coming up, the plan ta could mean getting grades going to college paying fof off. >> the road hazard causing spinouts when it snuck um on drivers today.
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>> mild weather but takes a sharp turn i'll have the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> the super bowl gamble. you have a chance of winning a pizza. michael finney has details as abc 7 news
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take a look at this. stuck on the cliff. rescuers rushed to help a surfer off ocean beach and sought refuge there. the coast guard decided lifting by helicopter is too risky. they asked him to jump in and they had rescuers help guide him to safety.
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paramedics checked him out, he was tired but okay. >> today the search continues for one two of san francisco men who drowned in hawaii on friday. the 47-year-old was swept into the water off a rocky shore friday this, is from basebook. -- facebook. baker was with four friends. the body recovered saturday morning. thursday, he post aid photo of san francisco on his facebook page as he left for vacation wrote bye, bye, beautiful sf, see new a week. sadly nompblgts the search is happening on the north shore of kuaui. the group was exploring along the shore line. >> police looking for help identifying an armed robber who took a shoot employees in a cell phone and check cashing store. surveillance video shows when
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this man entered the store, pointing a gun and demanding money. employees jumped and the robber did fire a shot. no one was injured. he ran out empty-handed. >> police located a man they believe exposed himself to women twice in a week. >> that is right this, picture is from the first incident eight daysing ayochl the man ininsifd a red toyota. saturday a woman reported a man gave a license number. officers located the car. report asking charges filed has been sent now to the district attorney's office. >> repair work set to bin on the tower bumper damaged in a collision two weeks ago. sky 7 was over the scene shortly after part of the base was crushed when a tanker side swiped it.
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cruise will begin begin replacing sections on the fender. repair expected to take about four and a half months to complete and costs up to $3 million. >> san francisco is on the verge of a rare championship double that. is because 49ers are on the way to the super bowl. throughout the bay area, the 49er red is the color of the day. kbherz savoring this ring to the super bowl. it's been 18 years since san francisco's last appearance on the biggest stage and the head coach wants to share this one with all of the 49er fans. >> this is a great relationship the bay area, state of california, the city of santa clara, san francisco and peninsula has with 49ers so this is appreciated.
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>> travel packages are available but they seem to be parting around $7,000. >> wow. >> they're calling it kaepernik severe. >> we're live to explain ways they're celebrating. >> hi, dan. well it's not just in those red jerseys you can see plenty of those around town here a lot of them with them seven on them. here on the main street footers they have a special hot dog created with just a right amount of kick. they're making them the fastest people can make them.
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the kaepernik special. >> so far, it's getting rave reviews. >> this is very hot. very hot. >> but good? >> yes. >> it seems where you look, the fever is caught on. >> he does this thing after scoring, like a touchdown. can you show me? what is he doing? >> most admit they don't know him personally. in fact they were rolling over the falcons, birdie's wife was exchanging texts.
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>> the family is down to earth. collin has been a special young man. now, when you see him or talk to him, he is humble. >> yes. this makes it feel like we're special now. >> what do you think about collin? >> i like him. he's great. they shouldn't have done that to alex. >> and they're still out here relishing good fortune, get it? so far in 10 days they have sold more than 600 of the hot dogs here rmt tonight at 6:00 sticking with the food theme we'll show you what kaepernik fever is serving up for dessert. >> you're making us hungry there, laura. >> and how would you like to
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get paid to go to school? >> and how you can gelt a free pizza. >> governor saying that is just the idea, paying for grades might be the ticket for serving our community college. the governor has suggested several ways to change community colleges restricting how many units a person can earn is wurngs another to pay students for finishing course work. the ideas to kickback money to students who finished their courses with good grades. it costs students $49 now would perhaps get a rebate later. studies show the sooner they pass, the faster they'll graduate. and mailing a letter will cost you 46 cents that.
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seems like a barg yichblt you can't buy a candy bar for that anymore. still, if it's too rich for your bloofd there is a work around. you can buy stamps this week and lock in the current price if you buy forever stamps that are sold at the current rate after the rates increase. this allows you to lock into costs for years still to come wh. a coin is posed on sunday, millions will be holding their breath. why? papa johns pizza is offering a free pizza for fans who guess whether it's heads or tails is interest a tl a work around for this? you're not allowed to vote but once, each house cold hould could have as many as four voters. you can be as young as 13
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years old. so you can sign up and cash in. >> mifing on, peter is the toast of santa cruz county today this, is video of him battling a big wave. this shot shows him colliding with dave wazel. the 43-year-old considered one of the best big wave surfers. this is the first win in eight attempt autos black ice snuck up on drivers this morning. you can see one resulted in an suv flipping on to its side. the chp closed three eastbound
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lanes. >> that is scary. >> you never know. >> it's warmed up. >> it got chilly. same pattern again tomorrow. >> here in san francisco looking back at sutro tower, what a beautiful sky. sun sets in a minute and a half from now. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. clouds there in the western sky. let's take a look at the readings it's 58 degrees now in oakland. 66 in redwood city. lots of mid-50s inland. clouds increase tomorrow and overnight tomorrow night. showers developing in the north bay. then cooler weather pattern
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beginning by week's end. cold weather interior valleys. lows dropping down to 27 in jant rosa. locations below freezing. 31 in concord, 30s in fairfield, mid to upper 30s around bait. san francisco, mildest low temperatures readings during overnight hours. some active weather out to sea. so may see light showers wednesday, we'll start at 4:00 on wednesday morning. during morning hours, rain staying in the north bay. you can see near golden gate. we'll have wet spots up in the north bay. rainfall totals will probably not be very high. tomorrow, sunny skies and
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south bay highs from mid to upper 60s. 66 in san jose. peninsula, similar range. 65 insanity san mateo. 67 in mountain view. downtown a high of 65 tomorrow, 64 in the sunset district. mid 60s in the north bay valleys. 63 in napa. fremont 66 in castro valley. cooler and low to mid-60s there. 71 in watsonville and 72 the high in salinas, here is the accu-weather forecast. chance of showers mainly north bay wednesday, dry thursday, but cooler high temperatures into upper 50s. over the weekend, highs from mid to upper 50s. it's going to be chilly and
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brisk over the weekend. >> thank you very much. >> okay. >> just ahead, the new hall about to jazz up the music scene skm all along the west coast. >> the story of a man who could not find a job. he went to work to make his vision come true. it's coming up at
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a new report suggests overdevelopment of farmland could cost local economies. the report by the group american farmland trust says prime farmland is being overrun. it blames inefficient policies. fit continues rorkts said about 500,000 acre of prime land will be lost by 2050. that could cost local economies up to $190 billion. >> we know we're going to lose
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some of the farmland. cities are in the middle so this becomes important to develop it. not waste this good land. >> report says local governments need to fight to preserve best quality land. >> sacramento about to lose its only major sports franchise. seattle set to restore the team lost. the brothers have agreed to sell their 65% majority ownership to a group planning to move the team to seattle. they would revive the super sonics name and colors. a condition stit insisted on when the franchise moved to oklahoma city. this sale is now awaiting approval. >> san francisco jazz scene is thriving. much of the city has the only jazz music on the west coast.
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this is a music hall. the center is located near the symphony and the opera. >> san francisco this, building where we're standing has become a ground zero for this new era of respect for our art form. >> jazz musicians practice what they do. how school is that? >> from fr playoff fever to super bowl fever. >> biggest little fans show their team pride.
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coming up, violence in the work plaichls a hahn charged with murders of three co-workers blames it on a childhood in china. >> here, experiencing presidential inauguration through social media.
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>> of course, car repairs are a has yes. being sold something that isn't true can send you off. >> those and more for you coming up at 6:00. >> here now the 49ers are headed to the super bowl their faithful cheerleaders are rallying the fan base. >> this little dog is a sport. >> and tatiana is another big little fan ready to become a gold rush cheerleader, you can show us your fan photo autos we're sending several crews to new orleans to cover the 49ers in super bowl 47. >> our live reports begin this is a special edition of "world news" from washington, d.c.
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tonight, a nation gathers to watch president obama take the second oath of office and issue a new call to action. >> let us answer the call of history and carry into an uncertain future that precious light of freedom. >> americans from across the nation pour into the capital to brave the morning cold and be part of history. and you'll meet third graders, here because strangers donated to help them live their dream. how big, excited are you? this big? only that big? and, as the inaugural balls get under way, the big festivities tonight. that dress, that music. the final dance. the abc news team here in the nation's capital on this historic day, as a chorus of familiar voices celebrates the day the constitution says we begin again. ♪


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